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Henrico, VA

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Top reasons to affiliate with
Eyemart Express:

Focus on Patient Care

Let’s face it, operating an independent optometry practice can be costly. Dispensaries, office equipment and marketing are all necessary expenses that ultimately take away from your bottom line.

Our affiliate program provides optometrists like you a unique opportunity to practice near Eyemart Express branded locations, allowing you direct access to higher visibility, more potential foot traffic.

We take on the operational and financial responsibility of the dispensary to help your practice put the focus back on what really matters—patient care.

In addition, we alleviate the stress of having to purchase the tools necessary to keep your practice functional. Along with a modern office space, we provide state-of-the-art equipment to your practice, allowing you to treat each patient with the optimal vision and eyecare they deserve.

"I'm just more comfortable. My head is with the patient, not with the retail. My focus is now truly on performing exams."

Lauri Baldwin Graham, O.D.
Surfside Family Eyecare

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yourself and we’ll be in touch.

"The simplicity of it and the fact that the dispensary is gone, this is a great thing for me. It's more than made up for in the fact that my overhead is far less. I feel like my profitability on contact lenses is actually better."

Justin Stilley, O.D
Stilley Eye Associates

VIEW Dr. Justin Stilley'S STORY

"Within the first couple of months being here, I couldn’t believe I had practiced anywhere else. It was just liberating."

Mark S. Varnum, O.D.
Advanced Clinical Eyecare


"They don’t push anything on us to do for their added benefit like other places I have worked with in the past."

Lauri Baldwin Graham, O.D.
Surfside Family Eyecare


"In 2006, I was looking for a new location, looking for new options. I went to an existing office, talked with them, and in January 2007, we hit the ground running and haven't looked back."

Chad Peterson, O.D.
Peterson Eye Care