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Henrico, VA

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Top reasons to affiliate with
Eyemart Express:

Our Recognizable and Well-Regarded Brand is Attractive to Customers

Customers do business with companies they trust, and we’ve worked hard to build relationships with our local communities. Our team of marketing experts executelocal partnerships, digital and print media advertising campaigns and more to drive attention to our brand and traffic to our stores. We have a substantial presence on social media and conduct frequent community outreach efforts that keep us top-of-mind for those in need of affordable, quality eyecare.

80% of our glasses are made the same day because every Eyemart Express store is equipped with an in-store lab. This sets us apart from our competition and makes us a reputable, sought-after one-stop optical shop. We cater to the convenience of the customer, allowing them the opportunity to get an exam, choose frames and lenses and receive a new pair of glasses—all in the same day.

We look forward to affiliating with optometrists like you to keep our relationships with our customers and the communities we serve strong.

"It’s been a very rewarding experience. We’re seeing more people, taking care of more than just eyeglasses and contacts, and taking care of overall eye health needs."

Paul Loving, O.D.
Loving Eyecare

Are you looking to affiliate with an established, well-respected brand?

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yourself and we’ll be in touch.

"I enjoyed our private practice that we started together, but it was a very tough road to just hang your name on the building and assume people are going to rush inside."

Justin Stilley, O.D
Stilley Eye Associates

VIEW Dr. Justin Stilley'S STORY

"Back in 2007 I was at a big box retailer and business had been declining at a pretty steady rate and nothing was being done to improve that. The first year I was here in Cedar Rapids we were roughly twice as busy as I was at my previous location."

Chad Peterson, O.D.
Peterson Eye Care


"I have no regrets. It's been a very rewarding experience."

Paul Loving, O.D.
Loving Eyecare


"They really just let me run the business my way… I feel respected as a doctor."

Long Do, O.D.
Waco Vision Center


"It’s gratifying from a professional standpoint. It’s gratifying from an accomplishment standpoint. And, it’s allowed me to focus on and grow my practice."

Mark S. Varnum, O.D.
Advanced Clinical Eyecare