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Top reasons to affiliate with
Eyemart Express:

Meet Dr. Peterson

After completing undergrad studies at Iowa State University, Dr. Chad Peterson attended Illinois College of Optometry where he graduated with honors in 1998. Currently practicing as an optometry specialist, he has more than 20 years of diverse experiences within optometry.

Said of the affiliation with Eyemart Express and its family of brands – Vision 4 Less, Eyewear Express and Visionmart Express – it’s the “independence” that he enjoys most about his relationship with the national optical retailer and having the ability to “run your business the way you want.”

Dr. Peterson opened his practice in 2007 in Cedar Rapids, occupying two-thirds of the building at the time. In 2009, Peterson Eye Care expanded, and the 3-lane practice now occupies even more of the space that continues to impress patients as “a lot of people walk in and just say, “Wow, this is huge,” while still giving him “a lot of room to grow.” Dr. Peterson is married with two children, 12 and 15, and a Scottish Terrier, and enjoys water sports, cycling and biking, and target practice.
Elevate Your Practice

"It's getting so competitive out there, I don't think a lot of private optometrists will be able to make it work. It's all specialized and very changing dynamic. Eyemart Express gives you their knowledge and expertise to make it run."

Chad Peterson, O.D.
Peterson Eye Care

Meet the other doctors:

"It’s been a very rewarding experience. We’re seeing more people, taking care of more than just eyeglasses and contacts, and taking care of overall eye health needs."

Paul Loving, O.D.
Loving Eyecare


"A big difference between the big box retailers and this company is that Eyemart Express is run by ODs. The professionalism is at a much higher level."

Chad Peterson, O.D.
Peterson Eye Care


"I can run my business my way. I feel respected as a doctor."

Long Do, O.D.
Waco Vision Center


"I look at Eyemart Express as a hybrid situation. It’s not commercial, yet it’s not your typical private practice because we aren’t selling eyeglasses – and that was a great thing for me. It’s simpler now that the dispensary is gone."

Justin Stilley, O.D
Stilley Eye Associates

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"We learned early on that 90% of the headaches came from running the dispensary. If we had a frustrating day, typically it came from the eyeglass sales. It has been – without a doubt – a fantastic decision for us."

Rebecca Stilley, O.D.
Stilley Eye Associates

VIEW Dr. Rebecca Stilley'S STORY

"I'm just more comfortable. My head is with the patient, not with the retail. My focus is now truly on performing exams."

Lauri Baldwin Graham, O.D.
Surfside Family Eyecare


"When I came out of school, literally every optometrist was charging low fees and marking up the glasses – I didn't want to do that. I wanted fees for service. I didn't go through eight years of college to be an optician. Breaking free of the optical allows me to spend more time on patient care."

Mark S. Varnum, O.D.
Advanced Clinical Eyecare