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Educator Discount F.A.Q.'s

How does this promotion work?

If you earned a FREE pair of glasses for a student in need during our 2017 Buy 1, Give 1 promotion, you have until September 16, 2017 to redeem the promo code on your register receipt for a FREE pair of glasses voucher.

What if I work at a college or university?

Our everyday 20% Educator Discount is still available to you. However, the FREE pair for a student in need is limited to K-12 educators for this special promotion period.

What if I am a retired educator? Do I qualify?

Our educator discount program and this promotion are limited to educators who are currently employed by a school district and have a current, valid K-12 educator ID.

Do I just give the voucher to a student?

Our goal is to centralize distribution of vouchers through school nurses who are most likely to know which students have impaired vision and are in need of glasses.

Oh, so I give the voucher to my school nurse?

When you visit our web site to generate the voucher, you will have the option to input the school nurse’s name and email address. If you add the nurse’s email address, the voucher can be emailed directly to your school nurse. If you do not know the nurse’s email address, you will have the option to print out a copy of the voucher to give to your school nurse.

Who is entitled to participate in this promotion?

Anyone employed by an accredited K-12 public, private, or parochial school. Those eligible include anyone employed in K-12 education with a valid school employee ID Badge: teachers, guidance counselors, principals, reading coaches, janitors, cafeteria employees, and bus drivers.

Can I receive the Educator 20% Discount along with this promotion?

During the Buy 1, Give 1 event—July 31 through August 19, 2017—K-12 educators who pay cash will receive their 20% discount in addition to earning a free pair of glasses for a student.

What if I use my vision insurance?

If you use your insurance to pay for your glasses, you are still eligible for our everyday “FREE pair with insurance” offer and you can still earn a FREE pair for a student.

Can I receive the educator discount with my insurance?

Insurance transactions are not eligible for the 20% discount. In many cases, you may be able to save money by using the Educator Discount and making the purchase without insurance. An associate at your local store will be able to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to purchase your eyeglasses.

Does this discount apply to contact lenses and eye exams?

The discount only applies to eyeglasses.

What if I don’t have my School ID with me? Can I still receive the discount and earn the free glasses for a student?

We must confirm your valid school ID badge at the time of purchase in order to extend the discount and FREE Pair for a student promotion to you.

Does this discount extend to my family too?

If you are making the purchase for a family member, the discount will be applied to all merchandise in your transaction. The qualifying educator must make the purchase.

Do I have to give you my email in order to receive the discount?

Giving us your email is not required in order to receive the discount.