The Right Fit

Your glasses were adjusted at the lab using a 4-point inspection. To ensure they arrived the same way they left, complete the Fit Check below.

Once your fit is just right you can find out how to care for your glasses.

1. Place the glasses right side up on a level surface and make sure that all points of the frame touch the surface.

2. Next, check the nose pads. Both fixed and adjustable nose pads should rest snugly around your nose without causing your frames to stand too high off your nose. For adjustable nose pads, look at the nose pads to ensure each are evenly positioned.

3. Put on your glasses and look in a mirror to ensure the frames are straight across your brow line.

4. With your glasses still on, make sure the earpieces fit around your ears, securely holding your frames to your face.

5. Lastly, check the vision! For both single and progressive lenses, distance vision should be clear (about 10 feet through a progressive lens). Text through the reading portion (lower part of the lens) should be clear and legible at arm’s length.

6. If you have single vision lenses, your vision should be crisp and clear without distortion. If you have progressives, objects at 10 feet should be clear, and text through the reading portion, crisp, clear and legible at arm’s length.

You're done!

If everything checked out, congratulations! If something didn’t quite measure up, please visit your local Eyemart Express so we can make the proper adjustments.

Next Steps!

Once you are happy with the fit of your glasses you will want to keep them looking and feeling like new. We have gathered a few tips for how to care for your glasses so they will look as good as you do.

How to care for my glasses