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Do You Accept My Insurance?

Eyemart Express FAQ

Are the online and in-store selections the same?
The stores have all the styles on the website and even more that aren’t. You can find stores here.
When can I order from EyemartExpress.com?
Very soon! The eCommerce aspect of the site is currently being developed so please keep checking back. You can also sign up for alerts to be notified of offers, news and more. Sign up here.
Are doctors at all locations?
Yes, independent doctors are adjacent to each of our stores. Use our store locator page to find one near you.
Do you accept outside prescriptions?
Yes! As long as you have a valid prescription, we’re happy to make your glasses.
Do you accept my insurance?
Absolutely! We accept over 1,000 national and local plans. Click here to see a list of our national plans. For more information on local plans and benefits that might be accepted, use the store locator above to contact the store directly.


Can any frame be made into prescription sunglasses?
Yes. When selecting a lens just be sure to select the “polarization” option (the secret ingredient of sunglass lenses). See our Sun Center.
What is the best tint color for sunglasses?
Typically, gray, as it helps with glare without overly distorting color.
Can I get sunglasses that are also thin lenses?
Only if your prescription is not of the higher order. The milder the prescription the thinner the lens can be.
What is the difference between Photochromic and Polarized lenses?
Photochromic lenses are clear and “change” when exposed to UV light; polarized lenses do not change and are designed to greatly reduce glare occurring from reflected light off of horizontal surfaces.


What is your return policy?
If for any reason you’re not satisfied, contact us and we’ll make it right.
Do you offer to repair glasses?
Depends. If a store is located in your area, we recommend contacting them. Use our locator page for assistance. For all others, contact customer service at 1-888-372-2763.
How do I Return My Glasses?
Simply return to the store where they were purchased or just give us a call at 1-888-372-2763.
My frame broke outside of warranty. How do I get a replacement frame?
Depends on the damage and whether the style is still available. You can visit the locations page for contact info of your local Eyemart to confirm.
Can I get replacement nose pads?
Depends on whether original or compatible parts are available. Check with the store.
How do I tighten my rimless glasses?
Either visit a local Eyemart Express (use our locator page to see if one is in your area) or if you have the smaller screwdrivers, you can tighten them. Be sure not to over tighten, however.
Can I put my refund on a different credit card than I used on the order?
Unfortunately, only the original card used can be credited.


What are the printed numbers on the inside of my frame?
The size of the glasses in millimeters. From L-R: lens width, bridge width, temple length.
What frame material is right for me?
Whatever your nose can bear. Remember, lenses add additional weight so keep that in mind.
What frame style is best for my face shape?
Whatever you think looks best! There are no wrong answers.
Full-rim, half-rim, or rimless?
See the above question.
What can I do if my frames don't fit perfectly?
There are some simple adjustments that can be made. You can also visit a local Eyemart to have adjustments made.
Do the frames come in different sizes?
Yes. The larger the number on the inside of the frame (millimeters), the bigger the frame. From L-R: lens width, bridge width, temple length.
Can I get the frames in a different color?
Of course!
Can I order frames without lenses?
Does Eyemart offer frame personalization?
Unfortunately, not at this time.