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We Offer the Perfect Combination in Eyewear:

The styles you want, the high-quality lenses you need, same-day service and the people to help you see beautifully and look even better – all at a price you can afford. Dollar-for-dollar, our combination represents the best value in prescription eyewear. And we are able to offer this value by doing more things “right” than any company in the business.

Right Glasses.

Brand Frame Selection Full selection of Basic, Thin, Sun, Bifocal Lenses
Value, Brand, Designer In All Stores
Value, Brand, Designer Not Stocked in Stores
Value, Designer Not Stocked in Stores
Value, Brand, Designer Stocked in some Stores
Value, Brand, Designer Stocked in some Stores
Brand Not stocked in Stores
Value, Designer Not stocked in Stores
VALUE: Everyday, budget-friendly frames for kids and adults.
BRAND: Frames designed exclusively for store.
DESIGNER: Popular frames like Nike®, Gucci®, Ray Ban®, etc.

Right Price.
2 Pair Purchase

Brand Everyday, Single Vision Everyday Progressive ¥
$38* $76*
$69** $200**
$52 $123
$70 $300
No 2 Pair Offer No 2 Pair Offer
$200+ $400
$99 $200
*Promotional prices are often lower. Check your local store.
**Includes a free eye exam.
¥ Compared progressive lens brands may differ by retailer. 2 pairs of complete glasses with entry frames and progressive lenses. Average prices shown. Prices may vary by location. Based on a 10 market quarterly survey, January 2017.

Right Now.

Brand Lens Labs in Each Store? Completion Time
YES 41% in 30 min,
66% in 1 hr,
97% same day*
No 7 to 14 days
No 7 to 14 days
In Some Stores 1 to 14 days
In Some Stores 1 to 14 days
No 7 to 14 days
No 7 to 14 days
*As of 6/2016

Right Glasses.

Your vision and your tastes are unique. The right eyeglasses should satisfy both. With over 2,000 expertly crafted frames that span fashion and vintage to business and sports, we have the right looks to help you define yours. With your vision, style and budget in mind, we assist you in arriving at a custom combination of the highest quality lenses and coatings designed specifically for your needs. Like no other company, we understand that the right eyeglasses for you are a unique blend of the latest technology and fashion, and are not just about how you see the world – but also how the world sees you.


Right Price.

From the beginning, our singular focus has been to offer high-quality eyewear at affordable prices. This focus has never changed. We just get better at it. Our 26 years of consistent growth have allowed us to increase our buying power, trim supply chains and work directly with manufacturers. We create our own brands and have streamlined the production and delivery of your eyeglasses by placing a lens lab in every store. And to make it all work, we invest in the right people and the right technology that keeps our quality high and our prices low. The result is eyewear that is never inferior and always affordable.

Right Now.

You need eyeglasses when you need them! Whether you break or lose them, your prescription changes, or you simply want a new look, helping you see clearly and look great as soon as possible is something we take very seriously and do better than anyone else. This is why we have lens labs in every store that produce eyeglasses the same day… Why we help you choose your frames… Why we offer text alerts when your eyeglasses are ready. Right Now is all about your convenience, your time and delivering high-quality eyeglasses at affordable prices right when you need them.