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Henrico, VA

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Doctor Founded.
Doctor Friendly.

  • We're doctor-founded and doctor friendly.
  • We handle dispense so you can focus on your patients.
  • Our cutting-edge technology improves the quality of patient exams.
  • We offer better work-life balance focusing on flexibility and independence.
  • Our brand is well-known and supported by a strong network.

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Vision Care That Sees Results

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Doug H. Barnes, Eyemart Express is a nationally recognized, Top 10 optical retailer. We’ve expanded to over 200 locations in 40+ states and work with more than 300 affiliate doctors across the U.S. Our team of experts is committed to providing affordable, quality eyewear while elevating the vision care experience.

Join our ever-growing list of successful, independent optometrists whose practices flourish alongside the Eyemart Express brand.

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200+ Locations...
40+ States...
And growing.
300+ doctors...

Helping You
Help Patients

Our affiliate program allows optometrists like yourself to practice alongside Eyemart Express-branded locations, offering direct access to areas with higher visibility and increased foot traffic.

Additionally, we provide the necessary tools to keep your practice functional and stress-free.

We handle the operational and financial responsibility of the dispensary, and our modern office space with state-of-the-art equipment ensures that every patient gets the high-quality eye care they deserve.

Doctor Workspace

Tailored Workspace with Modern Tech

Where you work ultimately determines how you work. So, we ensure our affiliate offices are clean, modern spaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology, well-maintained reception areas, inviting exam rooms, and an environment encouraging long-lasting patient relationships.

We also procure and lease cutting-edge equipment that streamlines the exam process, increases efficiency, and improves the accuracy of patient eyecare.

You Handle The Care.
We’ll Handle The Where.

Location matters—and affordable, high-traffic locations for private optical practices are difficult to find.

As a leading optical retailer, Eyemart Express employs an in-house real estate team that uses data-driven solutions to identify prime, desirable locations benefitting our stores and affiliates through increased visibility.

Practice Made Perfect

Our own Dr. Tom Patera explains how an Eyemart Express affiliation can improve your practice and peace of mind.

Customers Recognize Our Brand

Customers do business with companies they trust, so we work hard to build relationships with our local communities.

Our marketing experts execute local partnerships, media advertising campaigns, and more to drive attention to the brand and traffic to our stores. We have a substantial presence on social media and conduct frequent community outreach efforts that keep us top-of-mind for those looking for affordable, quality eyecare. Additionally, we cater to customer convenience: sending folks over for eye exams, carrying 2000+ frames, and custom-building their new lenses entirely in-house.

  • Dr. Paul Loving
  • Dr. Chad Peterson
  • Dr. Long Do
  • Dr. Lauri Baldwin Graham
  • Dr. Mark Varnum