The Convenience of
Same-day Glasses

Only we have a full-service lens lab in every store to expertly create prescription lenses and sunglasses. And just because we choose to do things faster doesn’t mean you pay more or live with less – quality never takes a back seat. So, stop waiting for glasses and start wearing them.

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"VOLO Logo" VOLO Logo
"VOLO Logo" VOLO Logo

VOLO's aviation-inspired designs feature lightweight construction,
riveted hinges, and ivory tips.

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Seeing is Believing
Find lens solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t miss out on our newest
designer frames.

Got Coverage?
We accept over 1,000 insurance
plans including EyeMed.

Good Things Come in Pairs
Glasses and value are the perfect pairing.

Right Glasses

Eyemart Express does more than just enhance your image with great selection and designer brands, we enhance your vision with the right glasses.

Right Price

Whether it’s great savings from our everyday low prices or exceptional value when you use your vision benefits, Eyemart Express makes it all simple and convenient.

Right Now

No other company but Eyemart Express has a lens lab in every store making over 90% of glasses the same day with quality, precision and speed.

Savings Never Looked So Good

Need glasses fast? 90% are ready the same day!