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We offer lens options for every prescription, budget, preference, or need.

Find Your Fit With Lens Types, Materials,
and More at Your Local Eyemart Express

Eyemart Express is an expert in prescription eyewear, providing several types of lenses for an extensive variety of frame options. This range of choices allows our customers to find the glasses of their dreams, matching their prescription, budget, and preferences.

Understanding Different Lens Types and Their Applications

Eyeglass lenses are customizable beyond the prescription. You can add varying magnification levels, clarity options, and lens coatings to aid your eyesight in every circumstance.

Guide to Eyeglass and Lenses and Materials

Follow this quick guide below for an overview of what lens may best suit your needs:

  • Single vision: Single vision glasses contain one correction that spans the lens from top to bottom — no additional magnifications are necessary. This style is the initial approach for correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • Lined bifocals and trifocals: Bifocals correct both near and far vision, separated by a horizontal line in the lens. Trifocals are split into three sections — near, intermediate, and far — each separated by a horizontal line for the transition.
  • No-line progressives: No-line progressive lenses are similar to trifocals with no visible line separating the different sections. This advancement creates a smoother, less noticeable transition between each distance.
  • High-definition: High-definition lenses provide superior clarity up to 10 times higher than the traditional single vision option. It also can provide 30% more sharpness and a 35% wider view for the wearer.

Single Vision

A lens with one vision correction that spans the entire lens. It can correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.

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Single Vision
Lined Bifocal
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Lined Bifocal

A lens that corrects vision near and far, separated by a visible line. The top corrects for nearsightedness, and the bottom corrects for farsightedness.

Lined Trifocal

A lens with three focal points separated by two visible lines. It corrects vision at near, intermediate, and far distances.

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Lined Trifocal
No-Line Progressive
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No-Line Progressive

A lens that corrects vision at near, intermediate, and far distances without a visible line of separation. This creates a smoother, less noticeable transition between each distance.

A Detailed Comparison of Bifocal and Multifocal Lenses

In bifocal lenses, the top half is your usual prescription, typically correcting distance vision. Separated by a distinct line, the bottom half is magnified, allowing the wearer to see up close and helping your eyes when reading books or texts on your phone.

In addition to near and far, multifocal lenses contain an intermediate focus. The progressive nature of these lenses allows for a smooth transition between the different focuses with no distinct line separating them.

UltraXHD Lenses

Enhancing Vision With Lens Coatings

Eyemart Express offers two coatings to take your new lenses to the next level. Choose from one or both of these options:

  • Anti-reflective: Anti-reflective coating reduces glare on your glasses, ultimately saving your eyes from strain and providing clearer vision. This coating is especially ideal for individuals who do a significant amount of long-distance driving or work on a computer. It is also a simple option to reduce glasses glaring in pictures.
  • Blue light blocking: For individuals who work from home or are constantly face-to-face with a screen, blue light filtering can protect your eyes from fatigue when engaging. This protective coating can also reduce the frequency of migraines or headaches.
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A digital high-definition lens system that offers 10x the clarity, 30% increased sharpness, and 35% wider field of view. Anti-reflective and 100% UVA/UVB protection are included, and we offer customizations for distance, progressive, computer, and sunwear prescriptions.

UltraXHD Progressives
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A state-of-the-art lens system that dramatically reduces reflection, glare, and eye fatigue, improving visual comfort and clarity.

Included with UltraXHD Logo

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Blue Light Filtering

Lightweight, impact-resistant lens system that provides unmatched protection from blue and UV light.

Included with UltraXHD Logo

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UltraX Blue Light Filter Lenses
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Delving Into Different Lens Materials

Eyemart Express offers several lens materials, depending on your needs. Use this guide to learn more about each type. Our associates are also happy to help you in-store.

Plastic Lenses

CR39 Plastic:
A Classic Choice in Eyewear

Everyday Lens

CR39 plastic is durable and lightweight plastic, ideal for everyday wear. It also provides glass-like optics for quality performance in all prescription eyeglasses and lenses.


The Modern Standard for Durability

Sports & Youth Eyewear

Poly is the safest material in eyewear; thin, lightweight, impact-resistant, and FDA-approved for children’s and sports eyewear. It also has built-in 100% UVA/UVB protection.

High-Index Plastic

High-Index Plastic:
Tailored for High Prescription Needs

Thinner & Lighter

High-index plastic lenses are created to bend light, easily correcting vision problems like severe astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. They can also be made in a thinner material — even with high prescriptions — for more frame options.

Custom Sunglasses Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Eyemart Express has custom sunglasses or transition lenses to adapt to your lifestyle. Sunny days are no match for prescription sunglasses! Here's what we can offer:

  • Light-changing lenses: If switching back and forth from glasses to sunglasses is too much, we can provide transition lenses to instantly change tint when you walk outdoors. They will return to regular glasses once you are inside.
  • UV coating: Our sunglasses come with a UV-blocking coating to better protect your eyes from the harsh sun. Our UV coating blocks up to 99.99% of rays, which can lead to further vision issues.
  • Polarization: Polarization filters light and improves the clarity of your lenses. Reducing glare can also ease eye strain in bright sunlight.
  • Tint or mirrored lenses: Select a tinted or mirrored finish. Tint is the traditional sunglasses look and can come in several colors, including yellows and ambers. Mirrored finishes are best for sports or other outdoor activities.

Choose the look you want and the protection you need.




These lenses change from clear to tinted when UV light is present. Perfect for those who prefer a single pair of glasses for most indoor and outdoor activities.

UV Coating

UV Coating

Protects Eye Health

Like skin, your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Our UV Coating blocks up to 99.99% of UVA/UVB rays linked to vision loss, cataracts, and other ailments.

Included with UltraXHD & Lens Protection.



Ultimate Outdoor Lens

A lens with a reflective finish that filters light, improves clarity, provides 100% UVA/UVB protection, and dramatically reduces glare. Custom upgrades available.



Fashion And Function

Tints filter light and brightness while decreasing glare, fatigue, and eye strain. Color-specific tints like yellows and ambers increase contrast and can enhance visual acuity.

Optionally Included with Lens Protection.



Sun-Sport Standard

A lens with a reflective finish that reduces glare and eye strain. These lenses offer protection from harsh UV rays and are perfect for outdoor activities.

Eyemart Express: Your Trusted Partner in Vision Care

At Eyemart Express, we have in-store lens labs to create your lenses the same day you order them. With over 2,000 frames, we have every style, color, and shape to help you find the right fit.

Our website features a large selection so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

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