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Shop online and Save 30% + Free Shipping *Some Exclusions Apply

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Welcome to Eyemart Express Online!

Our online store was built exclusively for Eyemart Express customers. We want to be able to serve you great quality eyewear 24/7, and this is how we’re going to do it! Below, we’ll take you step by step through the processes of using the online store to its full potential and updating your prescription, allowing you to buy glasses from the comfort of your home.

How to Set Up Your Online Account

When you purchased your glasses in-store, we asked you for an email address. This is where that comes in handy! You’ll register to use our online store with the same email you provided us. The system will automatically populate your prescription information, and you’ll be good to go. The store will serve you with a selection of glasses that match your prescription and fit your style.

1. Create an Account

At the top right of our website, select “Login.” Doing so will will take you to a new page and here you will want to select the black rectangle that says “Create an Account” at the bottom.

From here, you'll need to fill in the information on the form, including the email you gave us if you shopped in-store first and a password. Once your password boxes match, you can click “Create My Account.” You will then be asked to verify your identity through an email.

2. Link Your In-Store Purchase

If you are new to Eyemart Express, hit “New Customers.” If you have previously shopped with us, click “Existing Customers” on your account's dashboard.

As an existing customer, you have an opportunity to link your prescription from our store so you can effortlessly shop online. Just enter your phone number and zip code, and our automated system will text you a six-digit one-time code to confirm your account. After submitting your code, your prescription should be linked.

3. Shop

Return to your account dashboard and select “Start Shopping” to see our large selection of frames. You can narrow the search of over 2,000 options into:

  • Materials: Eyemart Express carries several frame materials, including metal, plastic, stainless steel, and titanium.
  • Shape: Whatever your preferred frame shape, we have it all — aviator, cat-eye, oval, rectangle, square, octagon, pillow, and round.
  • Style: You can also select your preferred style, depending on your needs and preferences, with options including business, designer, classic, and trendy.
  • Color: If you have a specific color in mind, you can make your search easier by selecting from traditional colors like black, brown, or gray or switch it up with a tortoise pattern or orange frames.
  • Gender: We have a large selection of styles for everyone, ensuring you can find the ideal frames to fit your face shape.
  • Availability: The availability tab can narrow down what we have in stock in your selected store if you want to come try them on.

How to Update Your Prescription

Updating your prescription online is easy! Whether you submit your update via phone or computer, your information is immediately encrypted and safely sent to us. Upon submission, you will receive a notification from us letting you know when your request is completed.

Read through this short guide or watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

1. Request a Prescription Update

After logging in, hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose “Account Management.” Here, there should be an option that says “Manage Prescriptions.” Click this box, and you will see the prescription management page.

Click “Add a Prescription,” which will take you to our prescription request form. Fill in your name and prescription information, and be sure to upload a scanned image of your signed prescription form.

Once you submit, you should see your prescription pending on the management page.

2. We Are Validating Your Prescription

Now, confirming your new prescription is our team's responsibility. You will receive an initial confirmation email that we have received your submission for review.

Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. If you have submitted a request outside of these hours, we will make sure to confirm your prescription the following business day.

3. Check for a Confirmation Email

Once our experts have validated your new prescription, you will receive a follow-up email in your inbox. This message will let you know that your prescription is available to use in our online store.

4. Shop Using Your New Prescription

You can now shop online with ease! After logging into your account, choose the pair of frames you want. Once you've added them to your cart, select your new prescription at checkout. Otherwise, your frames may be made using a previous prescription.

Order Online Today

At Eyemart Express, we are here to serve our customers. Our online site is easy to use and offers several benefits, including shopping from home! Once you've ordered your new glasses from your selected store, our techs will get to work, often getting your frames out that same day.

We have some delivery options, or they can be made available for pickup. If you decide to pick them up, we will email, text, or call you whenever they are ready!

Are you ready to build the frames of your dreams? Make a free account and order online today!