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May 2024

Eyemart Express’ Expert Insights on Dry Eyes for Healthy Vision Month

Doctors at the national optical retailer spotlight spotlights common eye condition, from its symptoms to at-home treatments

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas — May is Healthy Vision Month, and Eyemart Express is taking the opportunity to shed light on an often overlooked yet prevalent issue: dry eyes. Approximately 50.2 million Americans suffer from dry eyes, and that number is increasing with our growing dependence on technology and looking screens for work and entertainment all day. The national optical retailer is partnering with Dr. Lavar Kofoed, an experienced eye doctor with practices across Utah and Idaho, to build awareness about dry eyes, including symptoms and easy treatments to keep the eyes healthy.

Getting a formal diagnosis from an eye doctor is an important first step in treating dry eyes. This is because if the condition goes unchecked, it can lead to irreversible damage to the cornea and blindness. Dry eyes can also be an indication of other serious health issues such as vascular disease, which impacts the arteries and veins and can cause blood disorders. Dry eye symptoms can range from red eyes and an uncomfortable or burning feeling, which is different from itchy eyes due to allergies, to waking up at night and not being able to open the eyes at all.

“Most people have moderate dry eyes and do not even realize it, so early intervention is crucial for optimal health,” says Dr. Kofoed.

Dr. Kofoed identifies heavy technology use as the biggest culprit for dry eyes because prolonged exposure to a screen reduces blinking, causing tears to evaporate faster. Other key contributors include living in climate that is arid or has heavy pollution. The condition is also a side effect of popular medications like antihistamines.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating dry eyes, Dr. Kofoed recommends starting with an annual eye exam. From there, treatments can be as simple as making changes to a person’s diet and using prescription eyedrops. In extreme cases, state-of-the-art laser treatments can clean out and refresh glands in the eye to keep the eyes hydrated and prevent tears from evaporating.

Dr. Kofoed also recommends easy ways to proactively address dry eyes at home by:

  • Adding or increasing healthy fats like Omega 3’s into a diet with chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado, and salmon to strengthen the lipid layers inside the eyes.
  • Reducing stress with meditation, exercise, or other stress-relieving outlets.
  • Maintaining regular sleep patterns.

“A healthy body equals healthy eyes,” says Dr. Kofoed. “It is necessary to support the pillars for wellness to treat and prevent dry eyes outside of an eye doctor’s office.”

Schedule an eye exam to maintain healthy vision and treat your dry eyes by visiting a doctor partner inside or next to your local Eyemart Express.

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