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The Right Fit: Fit Adjustments on the Fly!

Fell asleep in your glasses, and now they’re leaning to one side? Accidentally over-pinched the nose? No problem! Properly adjusting your glasses to fit perfectly is much simpler than you think. Your glasses are a lot more durable than they seem; a little bend here and there, and you’ll see better in no time!

Common Problems, Simple Fixes

Leveling Your Glasses:

Don’t worry. It’s easy. Put your glasses on and look in the mirror (you’re gorgeous). Looking directly into your eyes, tilt your head up, down, and all around. While looking through the top of the lens, make sure your pupils are even in the lens. If they aren’t, you’ve got some adjusting to do!

Quick note, some frames are sturdier than others and may seem resistant to adjustment. Don’t let that stop you; you’ll need to apply a little more pressure.

Feeling Unbalanced? Let’s Fix That:

When your glasses aren’t balanced, YOU aren’t balanced. Your depth of field can be affected, which may lead to dizziness or headaches. Let’s fix that!

If One Lens is Higher Than the Other, Then:
Heat the temple by placing it in warm water for 30 seconds. Bend it slowly while maintaining pressure, pushing down a little bit at a time. Depending on which side is uneven, you’ll need to bend the opposite side down to achieve symmetry.
Example: If the left side is higher than the right, bend the right temple arm down at the hinge.

If One Lens is Closer Than the Other, Then:
Place your frames in warm water for 30 seconds. At the hinge, you’ll bend the opposite temple outward.
Example: If your left lens is closer, you’ll bend the right temple outward.

Your Nose Knows How Your Glasses Should Sit:

The positioning of your nose pads can greatly impact the comfort you feel (or don’t feel) when wearing your glasses.

With wire-framed glasses, you’ll spread the nose pads out with your finger until they rest comfortably on your nose.

With plastic frames, you’ll need to focus on getting your glasses to fit comfortably and snuggly around the ears. Start by heating the frame in warm water for 30 seconds. Firmly but carefully alternate pressure on the temples, moving upward and outwards until they fit comfortably.

Get That Pro Tune Up!

Just because you’ve got the basics of frame adjustments down pat doesn’t mean you’re on your own for all your adjustment needs. We offer free in-store tune-ups for your glasses. This includes nose pad replacements, hinge tightening, sonic cleaning, and a frame re-balance to make sure everything is even on your face.

Glasses Straight to your Door with the Online Store!

If you’re eager to put those new adjustment skills to the test, try out our online store! If you’ve shopped with us before, we’ve created an awesome shopping experience that you can use from the comfort of your home! Our online store offers personalized frame recommendations based on your prescription and style. Set up a profile for yourself and your family and have glasses sent straight to your door.