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Top reasons to affiliate with
Eyemart Express:

The Eyemart Express Difference

  • We are doctor founded and doctor friendly.
  • We take on your dispensary, so you can put the focus back on your patients.
  • Our cutting-edge technology improves the quality of patient exams.
  • You will experience a better work-life balance with flexibility and independence.
  • You and your practice will benefit from a relationship with a strong brand name and network.

Why did you join Eyemart Express?

"I have no regrets. It’s been a very rewarding experience. We are seeing more people, we are taking more care of not just their overall eye health needs, and in the process uncovering some systemic things, so it’s more of a doctor-patient relationship."

Paul Loving, O.D.
Loving Eyecare

Share the success with us.

Tom Patera, O.D.
Senior Executive Vice President
Eyemart Express | Dallas, Texas
P: (402) 509-8645

Terri Dykstra
Vice President, Professional Affairs
Eyemart Express | Dallas, Texas
P: (817) 799-7660

Vision Care that Sees Results

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Doug H. Barnes, Eyemart Express is nationally recognized as a Top 10 optical retailer. We have expanded to over 200 locations in more than 40 states and currently work with more than 300 affiliate doctors across the US.

For more than 30 years, we have been challenging the status quo of the eyecare industry. We are team of experts and visionaries committed providing affordable, quality eyewear while building practices that elevate the vision care experience.

As an affiliate, you’ll join the growing list of successful, independent optometrists whose practices have continued to flourish by working closely with the Eyemart Express brand.

Elevate Your Practice

"It’s been a very rewarding experience. We’re seeing more people, taking care of more than just eyeglasses and contacts, and taking care of overall eye health needs."

Paul Loving, O.D.
Loving Eyecare


"A big difference between the big box retailers and this company is that Eyemart Express is run by ODs. The professionalism is at a much higher level."

Chad Peterson, O.D.
Peterson Eye Care


"I can run my business my way. I feel respected as a doctor."

Long Do, O.D.
Waco Vision Center


"I look at Eyemart Express as a hybrid situation. It’s not commercial, yet it’s not your typical private practice because we aren’t selling eyeglasses – and that was a great thing for me. It’s simpler now that the dispensary is gone."

Justin Stilley, O.D
Stilley Eye Associates

VIEW Dr. Justin Stilley'S STORY

"We learned early on that 90% of the headaches came from running the dispensary. If we had a frustrating day, typically it came from the eyeglass sales. It has been – without a doubt – a fantastic decision for us."

Rebecca Stilley, O.D.
Stilley Eye Associates

VIEW Dr. Rebecca Stilley'S STORY

"I'm just more comfortable. My head is with the patient, not with the retail. My focus is now truly on performing exams."

Lauri Baldwin Graham, O.D.
Surfside Family Eyecare


"When I came out of school, literally every optometrist was charging low fees and marking up the glasses – I didn't want to do that. I wanted fees for service. I didn't go through eight years of college to be an optician. Breaking free of the optical allows me to spend more time on patient care."

Mark S. Varnum, O.D.
Advanced Clinical Eyecare