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The Right Care Starts with You

Taking good care of your glasses will ensure that they look as great as you do! Getting on a nice cleaning routine helps to eliminate germs, keeps your lenses free of annoying fingerprints and scuffs, and so much more. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to keep your specs looking positively spectacular!

Let’s Keep it Clean

Lens Cleaner:

The absolute best way to keep your lenses crystal clear is to use lens cleaner. A few pumps directly to the lenses does the trick. We prefer to hold the bottle a couple of inches away from the lens to get good coverage with our spray. That allows you to use less cleaning solution and cover more of the lens surface. But if you want to double spray at close range, do it! We offer unlimited refills on our lens cleaner, as long as you have the bottle!

We can’t wait to serve you up some lens solution in person once we can safely return to operations.

Soap and Water:

If you don’t have any lens cleaner handy, no worries. You can keep your glasses cleaned properly with a little mild soap and some warm water. The easiest way to do this is to mix the soap and water and clean carefully.

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What Not to Do:

Some things you should avoid are running your glasses under hot water or washing them with anything that is heavily alcohol based because both of these things can wear out your frame, making them brittle and easier to break. Just regular old soap and water will keep your frames clean and strong.

Now to Dry!

Cleaning Cloth:

When drying your glasses, it’s always best to use a proper lens cleaning cloth. Gently move across your lenses and frames with the cloth, using straight lines of motion or in a circular pattern. These cloths are made to be easy on the lenses while providing a nice streak free finish. Every pair of glasses you purchase from us comes with a complimentary lens cloth. Plus, everyone has them laying around the house. They come with screen protectors for your phones and tablets as well.

Microfiber Cloth:

If you don’t have a lens cloth, microfiber cloths work as well. They’re easy on your lenses as well and work to absorb any leftover liquid on them.

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What Not to Do:

When drying your glasses, make sure to avoid fabrics that have larger fibers like t-shirts as they can scratch your lenses pretty significantly. Tissues and paper towels can be useful depending on the type, but many of them leave behind lint and can potentially scratch your lenses as well.

Get That Pro Tune Up!

Now that you have proper cleaning methods down to a science, you can keep your glasses nice and shiny for much longer. However, sometimes your glasses need a good through deep cleaning and a bit of professional TLC. That’s where we come in. We offer free in-store tune-ups for your glasses. This includes nose pad replacements, hinge tightening, sonic cleaning, and a frame re-balance to make sure everything is even on your face. We can’t wait to help you out in person once we can safely return to operations.

Glasses Straight to your Door with the Online Store!

If you want to get your hands on a new pair of glasses to test out your new cleaning skills on, try out our online store! If you’ve shopped with us before, we’ve created an awesome shopping experience that you can use from the comfort of home! Our online store offers personalized frame recommendations based on your prescription and style. Set up a profile for yourself and your family and have glasses sent straight to your door.