Our TransPAIRency Promise

The truth is many customers today aren't experiencing so much of a "bait & switch" tactic as they are a truth-in-cost to get into the right glasses. Many factors go into why you'd walk through the doors of any optical retailer expecting to pay one price yet leaving having paid something higher.

Here's why.

MYTH: I'll always pay more than the advertised promotion.

TRUTH: What you ultimately pay is based upon age, taste, style, and eye health.

If you don't need anything other than a great pair of glasses that do their job, have any heavy prescription requirements or choose any added options, then the price that brought you in is the price you'll take home.

MYTH: I will pay more and sacrifice quality for faster service.

TRUTH: Our best deals are available every day at every store – in under 30 minutes*!

Until Eyemart Express came to town, it was the Wild Wild West on the high plains of optical, with retailers commanding high prices for eyewear – and taking their time while doing it.

Not Eyemart Express. We pride ourselves on being fast — and affordable. From enlisting the best equipment available that we spare no expense on to the highly skilled people we invest in, you need glasses when you need them – we understand this.

After all, we once asked ourselves this very question: Who has the time or desire to wait weeks for their glasses? No one. So we founded a business on it. And just because we choose to offer labs in every store that can expertly create your lenses on the spot, you’ll never pay more just because we choose to do things better – or faster.

*41% of our eyeglasses are made in 30 minutes; 66% in less than an hour; and 97% same day. As of 1/17.

MYTH: I am going to have to wait days – even weeks – for my glasses.

TRUTH: At the other guys, yes. Eyemart Express, no.

The usual business aside, like answering all of your questions, reviewing insurance benefits, choosing the right options, and completing the transaction, you’re likely to spend more time looking for the perfect pair of glasses than it will for us to make them. In fact, 41% of all our glasses are made in 30 minutes; 66% in less than an hour; and 97% same day*.

And unlike other retailers, if we have to make adjustments, remake a lens, make small changes, like darkening or lightening a tint, or if you break or scratch your glasses or lenses, you won’t have to wait an additional week or more. We are full service and can get you going as quickly the second time around.

*As of 1/17.

MYTH: Your prices are so low, they couldn’t possibly go lower.

TRUTH: Try us. We have a Price Match Guarantee.

Though we do our best, it’s bound to happen: A retailer offers the same frame* for a lower price. How embarrassing. Just tell us the who and the how much and we’ll do the rest. Not only will we see their price, but we’ll beat it.

*Frame only.

MYTH: Style selection is limited since your prices are so low.

TRUTH: You’ll be happy to know the exact opposite is true!

You should check out our Demystifying the High Cost of Eyewear infographic. Because we’ve trimmed the supply chain, we’re not only able to offer thousands of styles at the best prices, we’re able to offer hundreds of designer and brand name frames for an equally amazing price.

MYTH: Only my doctor carries the lenses I need.

TRUTH: Look again! We carry more lens brands and types in-store than any other retailer.

Big or small, short or tall, we will out-lens them all! From material types and lens options to prescription strengths and simple readers, Eyemart Express is your one-stop optical retailer here to make your life easier while helping you see better.

And there you have it.

We always make it clear in our online offers when what you see might not be what you get by breaking down each offer to what is and isn’t included. Regardless, you’re still getting the best value in eyewear around when you shop Eyemart Express.

We are a no B&S establishment